British Bridal training and consultancy course
Bridal training and consultancy course

Welcome to the British Bridal training & consultancy course.

British Bridal decided to launch our training courses back in 2018 because we recognised a need within the industry for a more hands on and intensive way of training.

All our training courses have been developed through years of experience not only in the bridal industry but in main stream retail. Our courses focus on every aspect of running a sucessful bridal business. We are in the business of sales, it is a vast and exciting area to be in where there are always new techniques and tricks to learn.

We offer training in: Bridal Consultancy & Sales Techniques, Social Media, Merchandising, Branding and Systems and Technology. 

By following the links below you will be able to view a comprehansive guide to each individual component of the courses we offer. This will allow you to customise your own training package and discover what areas we can help you to build on and improve. 

We have recently put a lot of time into re-vamping our courses so that they will work both online and in person. This means we can provide one-to-one online training along with instructional videos and interactive workbooks.

To book your free 30min consultation with our course leader please call: 01924 928698 or email:

We have different course options available to suit all needs and all budgets.


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