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Are the sizes UK, US or EU?


All our gowns are based on UK sizes. When placing an order please consult our size charts.

What is the exclusivity policy?


British Bridal work on “Dress Exclusivity”. As we do not have a minimum orders policy, it would be unfair if a store in your area ordered one gown and this eliminated any availability for you. We ensure that no-one in a 10 mile radius will have the same dresses as you but they may stock styles that you do not. This also includes variations of dresses for example dresses that come with or without sleeves are classed under the same exclusivity even if the codes are different.


Do you take payments on account?


Because British Bridal work on live stock levels and 48hr delivery, we cannot offer accounts or delayed payments. Dresses are not reserved or sent out until payments have cleared.


How much is postage and packaging


British Bridal make no profit on shipping. We have negotiated with various postal and delivery companies to ensure you get the best rates possible as we know this can often be an unforeseen cost and we would not want this to eat into your profits. Postage starts from £8.95 and goes up depending on which delivery service you choose and how many dresses you purchase.


Do you release seasonal collections?


We are constantly designing and releasing amazing new styles and do not necessarily stick to the old format of a spring and summer collection. This also helps our stockists with cashflow as they are not under pressure to place large minimum orders during the quieter months of the year.


Do you accept returns?


Only dresses that have been sent incorrectly by ourselves may be returned. As a B2B supplier we cannot accept returns due to a cancelled retail order or if a customer has lost or gained weight.


Why are British Bridal Wholesale prices so good?


As we design and manufacture ourselves and also manage photography and marketing, we have managed to keep our prices very reasonable. Unlike other bridal suppliers, we also avoid costly design mistakes by trialling new styles and fabrics etc in our own retail stores in Yorkshire / UK to ensure they really are what on trend brides are looking for and become best sellers.


Can I visit your showroom?


Yes, all stockists are welcome to visit our head office, design studio and warehouse near Leeds, Yorkshire.


Can you help with sales and business training?


Yes, British Bridal offer a 2 day training course where we train you in how to successfully sell our gowns as well as all aspects of running a modern bridal business.

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