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How can we offer such amazing wholesale prices?

We design in house, negotiate aggressively with our factories and buy in bulk. When we order a style we order 15 in every size from 6 to 26 (dependant on fit).

This allows us to enjoy very good import prices which we can pass on to our wholesale customers.

Overall we aim to keep our costs and overheads to an absolute minimum so that you our customers get the very best wholesale prices.

Why is it an advantage to buy from a wholesaler who also has retail stores?

Our customers live in a world where they can stream a movie or download a song while in the bath. They can do the weekly shop in their lunchbreak at work, and order a takeaway to be delivered to their door on the train home.

Clothes, shoes and accessories can all be browsed from a phone or tablet, ordered in a few clicks, and received within 24 hours. With more and more high street retailers popping up with bridal collections we wanted to provide small independent boutiques with a collection of dresses they can get at amazing prices and in 48hrs.

Our designing and purchasing team have over 14 years experience in the Industry and still work everyday with brides.

What else makes us different?

Our in house design process is an intense process because we are designing gowns for real brides. We design our gowns so that they look amazing on brides of all shapes and sizes.

Because we buy our stock in bulk we have to be 100% confident that they will sell. This means we don't have one or two best sellers, they are all best sellers.

Finally we dont stop at wholesaling we also provide a training course for those looking to start out in the bridal industry. We have technical services that can help you update your ordering system and much much more.

All you have to do is ask.

Gain access to our wide range of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

Don’t miss out on our large selection of wedding dresses for retailers at a surprisingly low prices.



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